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Hello Squeers.

Like a few of the most recent entries below, I had the misfortune to watch BSG years after the fact. Having just watched and enjoyed the show very much and becoming kind of obsessed with Gaeta, I found this lovely little community and after poking around it looks like I missed out on a great little group. I hope some of you are still around and active. Felix attracts a lot of smart, talented people, and most of the fics and discussion which emerged from this group have been excellent. I have sent friend requests to a few of you (I hope that's OK) but if anyone else wants to friend me, go right ahead.

In the spirit of introduction, I thought I'd attach this link to a post that io9 put up a few weeks ago: Which Mutineer or Traitor Actually Had a Valid Point? The man himself is the header image. I think that's probably obvious to everyone here, but good to see him still remembered in the larger sci-fi/fantasy community.
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