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The 100

So I just caught up with The 100, a CW show which AJ currently has a guest-role in. I thought I'd share a bit about it in case anyone was interested in trying it out. The premise of the show is that there was a global nuclear war in the future, and the last remnants of humanity are orbiting Earth in a space station - about 2,000 total. Because of limited life support and resources, all crimes are punishable by death. When the show starts, they are starting to wonder if Earth might be habitable again. Instead of executing them, the government takes 100 imprisoned juvenile delinquents and sticks them on the ground to see if they can survive. Spoiler alert: They can. The story itself is a bit derivative of various other currently hot products: It has some of the post-apocalyptic political/military tension of BSG; The survival and power struggles of Lost (complete with boar hunts and mysterious natives); The teen-on-teen brutality and angst and adult manipulations of The Hunger Games; and a willingness to kill its characters that rivals Game of Thrones. However, it combines these elements pretty fluidly and has enough twists and turns to keep itself fresh. Not necessarily blazing any trails, but it's consistently watchable.

AJ was definitely hired to play the Gaeta-type role. He's not a main character but one of the recurring adult characters. So far there's not a lot of development, but you never know. He plays Sinclair, the chief engineer. Personality-wise, he's Felix if Felix had been fortunate enough to escape the trauma of seasons 3 and 4 and had lived another ten years or so: He's similarly professional, intelligent, and compassionate, but a bit more mature - less protocol-bound and knows when the break the rules, and is a bit more laid back in general. He has a cute little mentoring relationship with some of the younger engineers and mechanics. Characters are dropping like flies, so hopefully we'll see more of him going forward. I'd love to see the character, who is so far very Felix-like, take a different direction - it could be like watching an AU where Felix lived and was shaped by differing circumstances. Anyway, that's what I'm hoping for.

Also, there are a few other BSG alum - Rekha Sharma, Kate Vernon, and Ty Olsson - so maybe some more will pop up. Love that beautiful Vancouver scenery!

Has anyone else been watching? What do you think so far?
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Thanks for the write-up! I haven't watched the show, as it doesn't air on free-to-air TV here, but I've heard good things about it from a friend and between that and your review I definitely plan to watch it when I can get hold of it on DVD.
Thanks for this! I've been watching the first season of 100 on Netflix because I heard he was on it, and I've been wondering if he's going to get to do more than say, "What's your order, sir?" and stuff, and been getting kind of impatient for more from his character, wondering if it was going to happen. BSG made a great committment to giving its small role characters something to do, even before they knew they would make them full-fledged characters. I'm not so sure this show is committed to doing that sort of thing, but so I've been wondering if we would see more of Sinclair. I have been liking the show's main plots and characters okay, although really, I could take them or leave them, and if AJ's never going to get to do anything, then I'm probably not going to stick around.

So does he ever get to do anything?

I see what you mean about this being Lost meets BSG meets Hunger Games. There are definitely some elements of all three in this.
He hasn't really had much to do yet - definitely a smaller role even than early-seasons Gaeta. The show's enjoyable enough that I think I'll keep watching even if his part stays small, but I'm hopeful he'll get more.
I hope so too. I suppose I will at least try and catch up to the most recent episodes and then see what I think.
I have been watching, and was pleasantly surprised by how much fun this show is ("fun" may not be the best word for a post-apocalyptic story drenched in death, I guess...). The pilot was flat-out bad, but otherwise, it's been a good ride.

I am torn between hoping AJ's character gets a bigger role and hoping the character stays in the background to avoid a brutal and untimely death. :)

I am torn between hoping AJ's character gets a bigger role and hoping the character stays in the background to avoid a brutal and untimely death. :)

LOL. It's sadly true.
He seems to be getting a little more screen time lately. My bet is that soon he'll be killed off and Raven will take over Engineering. I don't want this to happen, mind you, but the show is running out of people we like to kill off. :D