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This Week in Squee: Onegin and The 100

Onegin Musical

For those of you lucky ducklings in the general vicinity of Vancouver, the new musical AJ and Meg are starring in, Onegin, is getting rave reviews and has been held over for more shows.

I know there's a promo video out there somewhere with a clip of Meg singing the letter song, but I can't find it back again. :(

For those of us who are not close enough to take the trip to Vancouver, an original cast recording will be released this fall. It's available for pre-order here.

And for those of us who enjoy BSG references...

The 100

AJ's character on the CW's baby!BSG/Game of Thrones show The 100 had a big role to play in the last episode, and based on where the cliffhanger left him, should have a big role to play in tonight's episode as well. No spoilers, but between this show's death toll and his current predicament, if you wanted to watch an episode he's in, this might be your last chance.

Said previous episode is playing on CW's website here.
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