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They still ship it... [28 May 2016|05:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Recently, on Twitter:

(I'm assuming that this is Callis noticing that AJ joined Twitter)
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This Week in Squee: Onegin and The 100 [31 Mar 2016|06:31am]

Onegin Musical

For those of you lucky ducklings in the general vicinity of Vancouver, the new musical AJ and Meg are starring in, Onegin, is getting rave reviews and has been held over for more shows.

Promo videos behind the cutCollapse )

For those of us who are not close enough to take the trip to Vancouver, an original cast recording will be released this fall. It's available for pre-order here.

And for those of us who enjoy BSG references...

A 200 year old story like Onegin is past the spoiler warning statute of limitations, right?Collapse )

The 100

AJ's character on the CW's baby!BSG/Game of Thrones show The 100 had a big role to play in the last episode, and based on where the cliffhanger left him, should have a big role to play in tonight's episode as well. No spoilers, but between this show's death toll and his current predicament, if you wanted to watch an episode he's in, this might be your last chance.

Said previous episode is playing on CW's website here.
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AJ's on Twitter! [25 Mar 2016|12:39pm]

[ mood | content ]

A while ago, I noticed that AJ had a twitter account. I followed it cautiously, but wasn't 100% sure it was really him. Well, it turns out that it is and he seems to have decided to actually try engaging a bit. If you're on twitter you can follow him here @gajemsjuliani: https://twitter.com/gajemsjuliani. If you're not on twitter, here's a good reason to join! I really hope he becomes as active as some of the other BSG castmembers -- it's always great to hear directly from the source what they're working, and I have a feeling that AJ will use the format to good comedic effect.

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So about that upcoming musical... [08 Mar 2016|12:28pm]

Holy Wow, you guys. I need to figure out a time I can get up there to see this!!

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AJ on next week's The 100 [05 Mar 2016|10:57am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

AJ was in the preview for next week's episode of The 100, the CW's post-apocalyptic baby!BSG/Game of Thrones show. I'm probably jinxing his character's continued survival by mentioning this. (He did barely escape death just a few episodes ago--and got to be in a hand-to-hand combat scene, no less!)

Personally, I've been enjoying The 100 a lot more than I ever thought I would and, despite the controversy over a certain occurrence in the most recent episode, still recommend it. But if you're just interested in watching when AJ is around playing Gaeta 2.0, next week looks to be a good one to tune in.

His near-death episode, Episode 3, is also still available at CW's website.

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Time for theatre field trip!! [12 Feb 2016|07:39pm]

AJ and Meg will both be in the new musical Onegin next month in Vancouver!

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AJ on *Continuum* again...and *The X-Files*. [12 Sep 2015|01:26am]

I was just noodling around IMDB and noticed that AJ will be back on *Continuum* as Mr Fairweather the holographic psychiatric computer programme, in the first episode of the final season ('Lost Hours'). He also apparently has a role in the new X-Files revival!
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Memorable TV Ad-Libs [02 Sep 2015|05:00pm]

[ mood | content ]

It pleases me that AJ's "pity frak" ad-lib made it onto this list of great TV improvisations. I mean, we all know he's great, but it's good to have validation, ya know?

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From last night's Jessie Awards... [23 Jun 2015|11:23am]

[ mood | happy ]

He won! I'm digging the gray suit and red converse combo. (Unfortunately no win for Meg).

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More news for AJ & Meg [22 May 2015|12:02pm]

[ mood | excited ]

More good news for them - both are nominated for Jessie Awards for their work on Saint Joan.

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New play from AJ & Meg Roe [13 May 2015|03:25pm]

[ mood | content ]

I saw this on Twitter today: An article about a new Vancouver production of Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea, directed by Meg Roe with AJ on (you guessed it) sound design. There's an interesting tidbit in there: Apparently they're expecting twins. So, congrats them!

Full article here.

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Fic: In Vino Veritas [04 Apr 2015|01:33pm]

Story Link: In Vino Veritas
Character(s): Felix Gaeta, Dee, Gaeta/Baltar, Gaeta/Hoshi
Rating: FRAO
Warning(s): Adult language and sexuality
Summary: Five times Felix Gaeta got intoxicated
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A Song for Felix [26 Feb 2015|10:12am]

[ mood | impressed ]

Hey all! A blogger on Tumblr (days-of-dust) wrote and recorded a song for Felix. It's called "Said and Done" and it's pretty good! I'm torn between being sad about the lyrics and being really happy that someone wrote the boy a song. Here's the link to the recording and lyrics.

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Felix Weekly Returns! [29 Dec 2014|05:46pm]

[ mood | experimental ]

So, as promised, I'm going to try out the Felix Weekly posts again, see what the response/interest is. Let's start out with a little game to get some meta going:

I'm calling it: COULD HAVE/NEVER EVER.

Here's how it works:

1) In a comment, leave a prompt with an at least slightly-plausible behind-the-scenes event that we never saw happen on BSG, but maybe, just maybe could have happened. It just has to be related to Felix in some large or small way.

2) People respond to a prompt with COULD HAVE or NEVER EVER, then explain why they think this proposed event could have happened or why it never could have happened.  Feel free to reply to people's replies - the more comments the better! Hopefully this will get some discussion going.

I will leave a few prompts in the comments as examples. trovia is doing me the favor of providing a sample answer for your edification. Be as serious or as silly as you wanna be, but comment!  

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The 100 [26 Dec 2014|07:21pm]

[ mood | festive ]

So I just caught up with The 100, a CW show which AJ currently has a guest-role in. I thought I'd share a bit about it in case anyone was interested in trying it out. The premise of the show is that there was a global nuclear war in the future, and the last remnants of humanity are orbiting Earth in a space station - about 2,000 total. Because of limited life support and resources, all crimes are punishable by death. When the show starts, they are starting to wonder if Earth might be habitable again. Instead of executing them, the government takes 100 imprisoned juvenile delinquents and sticks them on the ground to see if they can survive. Spoiler alert: They can. The story itself is a bit derivative of various other currently hot products: It has some of the post-apocalyptic political/military tension of BSG; The survival and power struggles of Lost (complete with boar hunts and mysterious natives); The teen-on-teen brutality and angst and adult manipulations of The Hunger Games; and a willingness to kill its characters that rivals Game of Thrones. However, it combines these elements pretty fluidly and has enough twists and turns to keep itself fresh. Not necessarily blazing any trails, but it's consistently watchable.

AJ was definitely hired to play the Gaeta-type role. He's not a main character but one of the recurring adult characters. So far there's not a lot of development, but you never know. He plays Sinclair, the chief engineer. Personality-wise, he's Felix if Felix had been fortunate enough to escape the trauma of seasons 3 and 4 and had lived another ten years or so: He's similarly professional, intelligent, and compassionate, but a bit more mature - less protocol-bound and knows when the break the rules, and is a bit more laid back in general. He has a cute little mentoring relationship with some of the younger engineers and mechanics. Characters are dropping like flies, so hopefully we'll see more of him going forward. I'd love to see the character, who is so far very Felix-like, take a different direction - it could be like watching an AU where Felix lived and was shaped by differing circumstances. Anyway, that's what I'm hoping for.

Also, there are a few other BSG alum - Rekha Sharma, Kate Vernon, and Ty Olsson - so maybe some more will pop up. Love that beautiful Vancouver scenery!

Has anyone else been watching? What do you think so far?

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New Pic [08 Jul 2014|11:01pm]

Hi, I love to read all the tweets about AJ and today we have a new one. We have a new pic of him, a really beautiful pic if you want my opinion.

In the tweet posted by LLA Talent, we can read a quote from AJ. He says about himself "Alessandro Juliani ... Still working after all these years."
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Zip link(s) here (free registration required)

Zip link(s) here (free registration required)
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Hello Squeers. [16 Dec 2014|09:59am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Like a few of the most recent entries below, I had the misfortune to watch BSG years after the fact. Having just watched and enjoyed the show very much and becoming kind of obsessed with Gaeta, I found this lovely little community and after poking around it looks like I missed out on a great little group. I hope some of you are still around and active. Felix attracts a lot of smart, talented people, and most of the fics and discussion which emerged from this group have been excellent. I have sent friend requests to a few of you (I hope that's OK) but if anyone else wants to friend me, go right ahead.

In the spirit of introduction, I thought I'd attach this link to a post that io9 put up a few weeks ago: Which Mutineer or Traitor Actually Had a Valid Point? The man himself is the header image. I think that's probably obvious to everyone here, but good to see him still remembered in the larger sci-fi/fantasy community.

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Hello! [02 Jul 2014|08:00pm]

I don't know if it's appropriate to make a new post for this, but I'm fairly new to BSG fandom. I know I'm, like, half a decade late but, I just finished the series a week or so ago for the first time and Felix is my favorite character by far! Been looking for some great fics and things and have found some great resources here. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello for those who are still here! :)

As for AJ, I did find his "debut" from MacGyver from like 1989. It's not much, but kinda interesting. If you start at around 35:00, he plays the kid "Julio" and is shown playing the piano. http://www.cbs.com/shows/macgyver/video/0E1AC1BF-5573-5014-D1B7-DF57EFDBE52B/macgyver-the-madonna/ I remember him mentioning something about being really nervous during filming in an interview somewhere...

Ah, here it is:

Your first television appearance was in an episode of MacGyver, is that right?

Uhh yeah....that was my "stunning debut"!

So how did you get that role, and were you nervous about breaking into television?

Was I nervous? I probably was, I don't honestly remember... I'm sure I was almost paralyzed with fear, now that I think about it! I was probably almost eleven or something. It was the coolest thing ever. I got to miss a week of school, I got to hang out on the sets, I was playing some piano-playing street kid... It was probably the most boring episode of MacGyver in history unfortunately! There was nothing really that cool about it. It was like the MacGyverChristmas special for that year. So Richard Dean Anderson didn't get to do anything fun with Duct Tape. I think his big moment of ingenuity was moving a boxing ring across a room with a bunch of dumbbells. But it was still kind of fun and exciting to be a kid in that environment -- totally foreign, totally new to me. What do I carry from that now? I got to meet Richard Dean Anderson, who I also met again later as well, because I worked on Stargate a couple of times. Surprisingly, he didn't remember me! (laughs) But I still have the T-shirt that he gave me himself at the end of that week. It's a really good T-shirt to paint in, so it's seen a lot of wear and tear.

Anyway, enjoy!
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Rockin' the Harry Potter Glasses [27 Jun 2014|12:31pm]


No, seriously: from the photo gallery on this article about AJ and Meg:

Harry Potter AJCollapse )

(Apologies to those of you who are disgruntled that AJ's taken. Meg is just so amazing...)

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