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Felix Weekly Returns!

So, as promised, I'm going to try out the Felix Weekly posts again, see what the response/interest is. Let's start out with a little game to get some meta going:

I'm calling it: COULD HAVE/NEVER EVER.

Here's how it works:

1) In a comment, leave a prompt with an at least slightly-plausible behind-the-scenes event that we never saw happen on BSG, but maybe, just maybe could have happened. It just has to be related to Felix in some large or small way.

2) People respond to a prompt with COULD HAVE or NEVER EVER, then explain why they think this proposed event could have happened or why it never could have happened.  Feel free to reply to people's replies - the more comments the better! Hopefully this will get some discussion going.

I will leave a few prompts in the comments as examples. trovia is doing me the favor of providing a sample answer for your edification. Be as serious or as silly as you wanna be, but comment!  
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