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fans of felix gaeta
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Gaeta is Squee!

This community is a gathering place for all fans of Felix Gaeta. We want Gaeta fic, Gaeta icons, Gaeta pics, Gaeta squeeing and discussion. This community contains adult material; if you are under 18 or otherwise prohibited from viewing adult material, please do not view it.

If you've got anything Gaeta-related, feel free to post! We're pretty laid back. Act courteously, put big pictures or images behind a cut, and don't flame anyone, and I'm sure we'll all get along just fine.

This includes fic challenges, icontests and anything Gaeta-related that you think would be fun to have the entire community participate in. Moderator permission is NOT required, however, we do reserve the right to request that any inappropriate content/contest/requests are removed. (I have no doubt this will be a very rare occurrence.)

Info and pictures related to Alessandro Juliani, the actor who portrays Gaeta, are welcomed as well. But please have respect. Felix Gaeta and Alessandro Juliani are not the same person. Felix is a fictional character who can be made to do our will in all sorts of delightful ways; Alessandro is not, and his private life is his own. Any creepy, stalker-like comments about Alessandro will not be tolerated. Save all the stalking and dirtybadwrongfic for Gaeta. :)

Questions and comments can be emailed to gaetas_poptart @ livejournal.com and/or lexluvsclark@gmail.com
Membership and posting access are open right now, and will stay that way until I start to see problems, which I am sure will be never.

Community creator/maintainer/overlord: gaetas_poptart
Co-moderator/partner-in-crime/resident artist: ingridmatthews, who made our lovely icons and colorbar
And, new for 2007, our new, super-duper backup moderator is the lovely and lively, rap541.
Archivist: prophetkristy, who would be *thrilled* to answer questions about tagging.



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